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Elegant natural gemstone earrings are perfect for everyday or special occasion wear. These beautiful handmade dangle earrings are made of sterling silver/14K gold. The approximate length is 2".  Available in 925 sterling silver as shown, 14K yellow/white gold. Made with ball fish dot hooks.


- All jewelry can be customized with your birthstone, metal, and desired length of earrings. Your earrings will arrive in a gift box.

Gemstone healing and spiritual properties:

- Garnet
Love and Friendship. With associations with the heart, blood, inner fire, and life force, garnets have long been considered symbols of love. Garnet symbolism also extends to friendship. The gemstone of fearlessness, garnet stone benefits is said to include protection against disasters, evil spirits, and mental insanity.
Birthstone JANUARY


- Pink Quartz
The pink quartz means love and compassion. It is a stone that you should always have near to you because of its universal love properties and its ability to heal so many different things. Rose or Pink Quartz can heal relationship problems, promote mutual understanding, and inspire an attitude of compassion and kindness. It’s also believed it can boost feelings of peace, calm, and self-love.
Birthstone January


- Red Jade
Luck, Dreams, and Fidelity. It helps the user fulfill their dreams and manifest their desires. It's a stone of confidence, ambition, and self-reliance. Healing Properties - Confidence, Concentration, Communication, Luck, Love, Success, Positivity, Protection, Health, Anxiety / Stress, Wealth.
Birthstone April / May, September / October

Garnet, Pink Quartz, Red Jade Earrings in Sterling Silver / 14K Gold

  • Stone: Garnet / Pink Quartz / Red Jade

    Metal: Sterling Silver / 14K Yellow Gold / 14K White Gold

  • Shipped within 3-5 business days.

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