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The heart of Artios NY beats with a profound appreciation for craftsmanship. In 2019, a creative spark ignited the journey of Artios NY when I decided to turn my hobby and passion for handmade crafts into something extraordinary. What started as a personal fascination with jewelry-making soon blossomed into a thriving business.

Nature serves as a profound source of inspiration for my artistic creations. I exclusively utilize natural semiprecious gemstones and metals when working on jewelry designs. An essential aspect of my belief is gemstone healing properties and power. My commitment to carefully searching for genuine materials and delivering the best quality to my customers is crucial to Artios’ success and reputation. This dedication ensures that every piece of jewelry leaving my workshop is a testament to my passion and integrity. By prioritizing genuine materials and craftsmanship, I guarantee that my customers receive beautiful but also authentic and durable jewelry. 


Elena Iosilevich - Seroff

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